Friday, June 24, 2016

Partly Cloudly

We watched a short video called Partly Cloudly. We had to write description sentences using adverbs as sentence starters. Here is my writing.

Partly Cloudly
Once there were 4 beautiful birds. They delivered to the beautiful people. The birds delivered puppies and kittens.
Then the birds flew up to the sunny sky. The clouds were moving. The clouds were white and they made thunder at the clouds. Then the cloud turned into a kitten. The clouds were enjoying making babies and dogs. Quickly the sad cloud made a crocodile and then the crocodile bit the birds head. The bird got hit in the tummy from a goat. Sadly the bird was crying.
Part 2
Lazily the goat hit the bird then the bird looked up at the cloud in the beautiful sky. The bird got stabbed in the face from a hedgehog. The sad cloud made a shark then the bird flew away to the nice cloud. Then the sad cloud cried. Slowly the black bird flew back to the dark cloud and opened the parcel. Inside was football stuff so the things would not hurt him. The dark cloud was happy.

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